GSoC ’14: Week 2 – AnalysisExtent, Path and gvpy

After all morning testing over the same points layer

Hi everyone, another week coding for Google Summer of Code. Lot of improvements and lot of bugs. Step by step i’m finding the way to solve everyone.

I’ve create one website where i explain better about what is my project. I hope you like it.

Website: [gvpy project] on Github

1. What did you get done this week?

Now i know how to change the name of our output layers, how to use it, how to set the Analysis Extension of the algorithm that we want execute and I changed the structure of how to execute geoprocesses:

r = geoprocess("perturbatepointslayer", LAYER = layer1,MEAN = 5, STDDEV = 5 )


Algo i started with gvpy, that was the inicial name of the part about making the code more simply, now you can execute functions like this:

layer1 = newLayer(layer,"C:/gvsig/point_shape.shp", 1) 
addFeature(layer1, "point", "01", [50,80]) 
modifyFeatures(layer1, "field1", "Points_gsoc") 

2. What do you plan on doing next week?

I’ve found some bugs, and in the last hour i found the possible way to fix it, so i will start with that next week. They are about, wrong shapes, bad path set, and analysis extent with different CRS appears some error.


3. Are you blocked on anything?

I was, but i’ve found a solution.


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