GSoC ’14: Week 7 – gvpy ready!

One week more developing gvpy for Google Summer of Code, access to SEXTANTE from gvSIG 2 Scripting Framework. After fixing some importants bugs, now everything is starting to work.

I encourage people to try this gvpy library. You will find all the info you need inside my github page. Also, if you still don’t about what gvpy is it, you can check my website.

You already can see how it works this library. I prepare one script, you can see how the code will appear and you can try it, you don’t need any extra data:

Website: [gvpy project] 

Github code + info:  [gvpy repository]


Week 7 report:

1. What did you get done this week?

Some important bug fixed. Now you can introduce multipath for algorithms with multiple outputs. New functions currentRaster() and currentActive(), will help you introduce the layers that you want after find some bugs with Scripting code. Name change from geoprocess() to runalg(), algSearch(), algHelp(). Improve the way that algorithm return outputs. You can call layers just with his name on the view.

2. What do you plan on doing new week?

I want to prepare some documentation for encourage people to try this library. Also, add some new features.

3. Are you block on anything?

Not right now.


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