GSoC ’14: Week 0: Starting! SEXTANTE access from scripts for gvSIG2

Bm32TDQCEAEJttSHello everybody, since today 19′ May 2014, I’m starting my coding summer with Google Summer of Code 2014! i will be developing my project about «Geoprocesses Access from the Scripting Framework in gvSIG Desktop 2.x». Thanks to OsGEO and gvSIG for trust in me!. I’ll try to write my post in both languages (sorry for my english, i’m trying my best :P).

A short summary, i’ll try to develop one new Jython library for gvSIG 2.x who allow us to launch geoprocesses from any of our scripts. We could execute gvSIG Geoprocesses and also SEXTANTE. Allowing the access to this tools, with a single line, our scripts will become so much powerful. Example:

>>> geoprocess(«gvSIG-xyshift», LAYER=currentLayer(), X=150, Y=150, CHECK=False)

Also, i will be developing other library, maybe i’ll call it ‘gvpy’, where i will try to simplify coding for gvSIG. For example, if you want to add one field to the layer, will be enough with:

>>> addField(currentLayer(), «Name», «STRING», 30)

This level of coding and working for one Open Source Project like gvSIG is totally new for me, I’ll do my best.

Also, if anyone want participate, helping me or give me his advice, i’ll be glad to hear you and very grateful. You can write me directly to:

3, 2, 1.. Coding!

[Post in Spanish]

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